Ways to Volunteer


Ideas for volunteers who want to help expand Personal Financial Literacy:

  • Address school boards/public meetings on the need for personal finance

  • Get businesses in communities involved in providing support for reaching young people

  • Lobby local politicians (city councils, mayors) - inform and educate them on the need for financial education

  • Address chambers, city councils for support of school-based education

  • Work with charter and private schools

  • Identify teachers, school principals who support financial literacy education; work with them to start testing it in a school

  • Get involved with classroom volunteer organizations, like Junior Achievement

  • Support a financial evening at back-to-school events

  • Work with schools to provide assembly programs, lunch programs, etc. to provide financial literacy education at times when it won’t conflict with curriculum requirements

  • Make it part of your local school district’s curriculum, working with parents, teachers and school administration

  • Involve Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, boys and girls clubs, etc. in providing financial literacy education through workshops, merit badge programs, etc.

  • Work with after-school programs to provide financial literacy education while students are being cared for after school hours and during school breaks, also work with your library

  • Involve business/fraternal organizations in the community, especially in working with high school students

  • Arrange for financial literacy education to be discussed on local cable TV shows

  • Develop personal stories of how financial literacy has made a difference in local peoples’ lives to persuade politicians of the importance of mandating it in schools

  • Get involved with the PTA – use the power of parents

  • Work with school districts to find ways to provide those involved in home schooling with financial literacy educational materials