AB 2215 & AB 2051 - Financial Education

As stated last month, AB 2215 passed through every Committee and Floor of the Assembly and was full-steam-ahead moving into the Senate. This is a great sign that California is seriously considering providing personal financial education for our students. However, we had to accept substantial amendments that moved the bill away from our original vision of creating a permanent, sustaining private-public partnership to act as a steward over Financial Literacy curricula/program and a resource to schools/teachers.

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Financial Literacy Lessons for Homeschooling during COVID


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Search our premier online library of teaching resources to find a varied selection of engaging programs designed to offer interactive and challenging approaches for children of all ages—elementary through high school— to experience real-life financial issues that are part of everyday life.

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Donors Choose

Are you a teacher in need of funding for a financial education project you’d like to get off the ground?

CA Jump$tart awards funding through Donors Choose, an organization that empowers public school teachers throughout the U.S. to appeal for much-needed tools, materials and experiences for their students.

If you’re a California educator, visit Donors Choose to learn more and submit your financial literacy related project for funding.

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The Push to Add Financial Education to K-12 Learning With Rebecca Gallagher

As we've discussed on the podcast before, personal financial education for the next generation on issues of credit, debt, budgeting and how to become financially responsible adults is incredibly important. This week the guys sit down with Rebecca Ivonovich Gallagher, the chair of the California Jump$tart Coalition, whose mission is to further personal financial knowledge among California students and to empower partners, educators and communities to implement financial education in classrooms. Learn More

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The Council for Economic Education’s (CEE’s) mission is to equip K-12 students with the tools and knowledge of personal finance and economics so that they can make better decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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