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Help your children learn about money at home. Here are links to games, activities and simple lessons to share with them. Since California does not require financial education in our schools, this time at home is a great opportunity to help students learn some key life skills. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, you can encourage them to be better consumers and citizens by understanding money. For even more information, check out Teaching Resources.

Financial Literacy Lessons for Homeschooling during COVID


Teaching Resources

Search our premier online library of teaching resources to find a varied selection of engaging programs designed to offer interactive and challenging approaches for children of all ages—elementary through high school— to experience real-life financial issues that are part of everyday life.

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Donors Choose

Are you a teacher in need of funding for a financial education project you’d like to get off the ground?

CA Jump$tart awards funding through Donors Choose, an organization that empowers public school teachers throughout the U.S. to appeal for much-needed tools, materials and experiences for their students.

If you’re a California educator, visit Donors Choose to learn more and submit your financial literacy related project for funding.

Donors Choose

Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight

Bite of Reality - Offered by the Richard Myles Johnson Foundation, Bite of Reality is a hands-on app based simulation that appeals to teens while giving them a taste of real-world financial realities. Teens are given a fictional occupation, salary, spouse and family, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments.

Welcome New Partners

Pockets Change

Pockets Change works to inspire financial capability through the universal language of Hip Hop and we welcome co-founder Andrea Ferraro to our Board.

The Center for Financial Empowerment

The Center for Financial Empowerment is helping people break the cycle of poverty and achieve financial stability. Abby Ulm, Director, has joined our Board.


The Bay Area Financial Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the financial literacy of SF Bay Area youth. We offer resources and support for high school economics teachers, and provide classes on the basics of personal finance led by industry professionals for high schools, colleges and youth organizations. Learn more at

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