Financial Wins Across America!

We’re seeing major Financial Literacy milestones taking place across America! Legislation in support of our efforts to strengthen financial education have recently passed. Just in the last few weeks we’ve seen Michigan, New Hampshire and now South Carolina join the growing list of states to guarantee every high school student will take a personal finance course prior to graduation!

And here in California we’re seeing funds being allocated to develop curriculum for financial literacy courses for K-12 schools. Let’s all take a moment to celebrate and continue our efforts toward educating our students and peers on the importance of financial education!

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Search our premier online library of teaching resources to find a varied selection of engaging programs designed to offer interactive and challenging approaches for children of all ages—elementary through high school— to experience real-life financial issues that are part of everyday life.

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Donors Choose

Are you a teacher in need of funding for a financial education project you’d like to get off the ground?

CA Jump$tart awards funding through Donors Choose, an organization that empowers public school teachers throughout the U.S. to appeal for much-needed tools, materials and experiences for their students.

If you’re a California educator, visit Donors Choose to learn more and submit your financial literacy related project for funding.

Donors Choose

Partner Spotlight

The Push to Add Financial Education to K-12 Learning With Rebecca Gallagher

As we've discussed on the podcast before, personal financial education for the next generation on issues of credit, debt, budgeting and how to become financially responsible adults is incredibly important. This week the guys sit down with Rebecca Ivonovich Gallagher, the chair of the California Jump$tart Coalition, whose mission is to further personal financial knowledge among California students and to empower partners, educators and communities to implement financial education in classrooms. Learn More

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Teachers consistently tell us about the positive influence our programs have on their students. The educational impact of the SIFMA Foundation's Stock Market Game™ is unmatched, with proven increases in student attendance, engagement and class participation, and improved academic performance and financial behavior.

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