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By Rebecca I. Gallagher - Board of Directors, California Jump$tart Coalition

CA Jump$tart’s most recent offering of our Financial Foundations for Educators (FFE) training was an invitation from the Los Angeles County Office of Education, to bring the program back to teachers in LACOE’s service area, after our first FFE in 2018.

This June, the offering was well received by the group of about 50 teachers (new and veteran) who attended the two-day workshop. Read on to enjoy the enthusiastic comments made by attendees on our FFE segments.

Jim Charkins, Ph.D in Economics is Professor Emeritus and Director for Economics Education, CSU San Bernardino, conducted a discussion of the current economy and its impact on personal finance. From attendee evaluations; “The visuals and interaction were exceptional. His summary of economic factors and models was very purposeful” and on his interactive apron demonstration, “I loved the apron! Fun and practical.”

Board member Laurie Mitchell, Ph.D, Professor Emerita of Accounting at University of Redlands, presented a comprehensive and activity-based Spending and Planning segment. Just two of the great evaluations: “Very well laid out and easily understood “ and “The financial infidelity video was thought-provoking.”

“Speaker had good coverage of topic” and “Appreciated the info on the Pension 2 service“ were among the comments for CalSTRS’ representative Arjuna Singh for his segment about pension and retirement planning.

On day 2, CPA/CFP Dwight Nakata, discussed Saving and Investing, his depth of knowledge obvious; “Lots of great practical information; easy to understand, provided step-by-step action plan.”

“Engaging presenters, 5 out of 5! They were interactive and their presentation had good graphics and was easy to read.” and yet another “Learning about FICO scoring was really valuable.” were several of the evaluations for Tyrone Conde and Doug Nigbor, of Downey Federal Credit Union, on their discussion of Credit and Debt.

Risk management was the segment presented by board member Karen Anderson, retired from a career in business management and financial services. Among the many appreciative evaluations, “Quick and to the point!” with another “Good info on long term risk management; good practical advice.”

On the overall FFE experience, participants shared, “Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn so much in day 1; looking forward to day 2.” and “I loved the seminar. I cannot believe I am getting paid to learn all this fabulous info!”

Thank you to the array of experts who volunteered their time and expertise. We are also grateful for the grant funding that makes Financial Foundations for Educators possible and provides the teacher stipends, meals, raffle items and resource materials.

2019 was a second successful collaboration with LACOE! They have scheduled another Financial Foundations for Educators, for summer 2020.

Please let us know if you’d like CAJ$ to bring FFE to your school, district or county office of education. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.