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Financial Literacy

Here is a compilation of facts and figures gathered about America’s money habits. Use them to educate yourself, help teach others in your community, or win an argument with your Uncle Bob!

A collection of findings gathered by Jump$tart from various sources:

  • 2020 Economic and Personal Finance 2020 Education in our Nation’s Schools
  • Is Your State Making the Grade?
  • Financial Education: Young People in the Digital Age
  • Advancing K-12 financial education: A guide for policymakers
  • Majoring in Money: How American College Students Manage their Finances
  • How America Pays for College 2019
  • FTC’s 2015 Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book
  • 9th Annual America Saves Week Survey
  • American Express Spending & Saving Tracker
  • Getting Financially Fit in 2016
  • Better Money Habits Millennial Report
  • Sixth Annual How Youth Plan to Pay for College Survey
  • Ninth Annual State of College Savings Survey
  • American Express Spending & Saving Tracker
  • Millenial Credit Scores
  • American Express Spending & Saving Tracker
  • High School Students and Parents More Concerned About Paying for College than Succeeding in the Classroom
  • Percent of U.S. Adults Invested in the Stock Market
  • 2015 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey
  • 2015 Prom Spending Survey
  • 2015 Teens and Personal Finance Survey
  • Findings from Focus Groups of LMI Youth Regarding Saving and Spending
  • Consumer Voices on Credit Reports and Scores
  • 2015 State Financial Education Mandates