Additional Resources from California Jump$tart Partners

Below are the websites of a number of our non-profit, business and government partners who offer financial education resources to Californians. Within their websites are lesson plans and activities for educators, parents and caregivers. Some of their materials are included in our searchable Teaching Resources section, but providing them within their own websites gives you the full scope of each of their offerings in one place. Please note that the California Jump$tart Coalition does not specifically endorse or approve the content of any of these resources.

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bofa better money habits


Bite of Reality

biz kids


HR Block

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finance in the classroom

finbeg logo california

Hands on Banking 317

High School Financial Planning

how the market works

Junior Achievement



money mammals

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money talks

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pockets change


reality check 2

sammy rabit

schwab money wise

sesame street

stock market game