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Dr. Vera Jacobson

Vera JacobsonDr. Vera Jacobson is passionate about aligning student Career and Technical Education needs with the needs of industry within San Mateo County’s K-14 education system. She obtained a doctorate with a focus on empowering students using 21st Century Skills. She has published her research findings in the International Vocational and Education (IVETA) Journal and California Association of Professors of Educational Administration (CAEPA), “Pedagogical Implementation of 21st Century Skills". She has created workshops for teachers, given talks at local, state, national and international conferences, lobbied at both state and federal levels, was the fellow for California’s CTE Professional organization and participated in the year-long Leadership for Development Institute (LDI) creating a new CTE delivery design for California’s K-12 Educational system. She was published twice in ACTE’s Techniques Magazine, “Power Skills” and her recent article, Equity in Action—Stories from the Field, March 2019.