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 UPDATE: AB 2215 just passed the Education Committee! 
 More information coming soon. 

We can pass any Advanced Placement test you put in front of us, but we don’t know how to manage a bank account.” ~ Lodi Unified School District student

California Jump$tart (CAJ$) is a non-profit 501c(3) that supports and promotes financial education in California. CAJ$ is acting as the lead resource and strongly in support of AB 2215. Below you will find some highlights of the program being introduced.

AB 2215 (Rubio) Supported by State Treasure Fiona Ma

We have a tremendous opportunity to invest in the financial future of California children. Financial education greatly impacts each individual child, their future family, and our state’s economy. CA drastically lags behind the majority of other states in preparing its youth with financial skills to thrive. California has no financial literacy standards for any grade level. Compounding this crucial issue recent statistics from Next Gen Personal Finance show only 7.4% of Black and Brown students and 7.8% of low-income students have access to a stand-alone personal finance course for graduation. It is time to make financial literacy a priority!

Supporting AB 2215 will bring state and private resources together to expand financial literacy education. California Jumpstart (a non-profit with the mission of furthering financial literacy among California’s youth) is supporting this initiative and is thrilled to advance the efforts of Assemblywoman Rubio, Assemblyman Villapudua, and State Treasurer Fiona Ma to put forward this legislation based on an established successful model.

Increasing access and efficacy of financial education through partnerships. Based on the successful approach of the State of Washington, AB 2215 seeks to increase the financial literacy of the next generation of Californians in an equitable and systemic way, bringing together public officials and private sector experts to improve the quality of and access to K-12 personal financial education. This private-public partnership will develop and disseminate model curricula and programs, including professional development, providing valuable resources to students, teachers, and districts throughout our diverse state.

Building lasting impact through shared expertise and resources. The Financial Education Public-Private Partnership will bring public and private stakeholders including legislative representatives, members from the private and nonprofit sectors, California Jump$tart, educators, Department of Financial Institutions, the State Treasurer, and the State Office of Education.  Financial support comes from multiple sources including state appropriations, donations from the private sector, and state grants. The body of work is divided among four committees: Executive, Education, Communication, and Development. The duties of this work include reviewing curriculum, developing standards, integrating FLE in state standards, providing guidance for educators, creating professional development, and other activities promoting FLE within the school system. 

Join CA Jump$tart in supporting AB 2215 to ensure economic stability now and in the future. Please send your letter of support to Assemblymember Blanca Rubio atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contact Fred Jones (530) 887-9944 for more information. 

Sample Support Letter

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