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Don't Forget - It is Financial Literacy Month!

We encourage you to support Financial Literacy Month events and initiatives conducted and sponsored by our California Partners, our fellow State Coalitions, and others. This is a unified effort to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy and the need for effective financial education. Financial literacy is important especially following recent upticks in inflation and world events.

This Month's Newsletter Focus is on Taxes

April means it is time for taxes! With the deadline for taxes just around the corner our effort this month is to address the lack of understanding taxes and — particularly income and employment taxes.

  • Organize - Good organization may not cut your taxes. But there are other rewards, and some of them are financial.
  • Itemize - It’s easier to take the standard deduction, but you may save if you itemize, especially if you are self-employed, own a home or live in a high-tax area.
  • Pay on Time - If you can’t finish your return on time, make sure you file by the filing deadline. The IRS and California Franchise Tax Board extended the federal and state tax deadline to October 16, 2023 for most California counties.

To help you master this month’s principle, check out our Teaching Resources and get started with a few free resources from our Partners.

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