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About Teaching Resources and Suggested Use

Personal Financial Literacy is a must in this day and age. This resource library includes many of the major resources that have been used by teachers throughout California and the nation in their classrooms.

How Do I Get Started?

START SMALL - Look at what time you have available. Do you have a period once a week? Implement a Money Monday or Financial Friday program where you use a variety of lessons and activities to introduce the skills and standards outlined in the National Financial Literacy Standards.

LOOK FOR WAYS TO SNEAK IN A LESSON -- Already teaching a similar concept? Add a personal fin lit angle. Patterns in math, sequences? Try an extension activity on compound interest. Looking at the pros and cons of a national bank? Try a lesson on the federal reserve and monetary policy or how to choose a bank account.

KNOW YOUR RESOURCES - Is your school involved in a one-to-one technology program? Sign up for some of the excellent online, self-paced programs. Have a parking lot for student questions as they encounter them or need a bit more explanation. Use that parking lot to find some or utilize some of the resources to extend the learning and go deeper into the topic.

SPEND SOME TIME LOOKING THROUGH THE RESOURCES - Some may “speak” to you and totally align with your teaching. Take some time to get the feel for the sites and resources, and how they work. Maybe you are looking for something students can do more self-paced, without face or class time. Or maybe you are looking for a full, daily curriculum with everything set including pre and post-tests, handouts, printable resources and answer keys. There is something for every classroom and every schedule.

WANT MORE RESOURCES? - California Jump$tart Partners have oodles of resources that may not be included in this directory. Please do check out our Partner Resources.

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