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In these challenging times, we are all navigating through uncertainty for ourselves, our loved ones and our community. We hope you are staying healthy and safe.

More than ever, we are committed to educate California’s students (K-12) on the significance and value of financial literacy. The California Jump$tart Board is proud to announce the newly redesigned cajump$!


Kids are eager to learn about money, and parents are looking for reliable and engaging, online sources. Below you’ll find links to many resources where children can learn:

  • What is an emergency fund and why is it so important?
  • How can people on an average salary become millionaires by the time they retire?
  • What is a credit score, and how can it help me - or prevent me - from renting an apartment, buying a car, or even getting a job?

The California Jump$tart Coalition (CAJump$tart) will continue to provide information and resources to the community during these uncertain times. One thing that is certain, is the dedication and commitment of the volunteer leadership and staff that continue to support financial literacy in California. CAJump$tart is open for business, but our staff is working remotely in compliance with Governor Newsom’s orders. Although we hope not, you may experience a slower response over the next few weeks. For optimum service and to increase clarity for our staff and board, an email in place of a call is optimum. Contact us with any questions.


Over 1,550 organizations across the United States and military-affiliated groups around the world are promoting personal savings and encouraging Americans to assess their savings status from February 26-March 3, 2018 as part of America Saves Week.

“The secret to saving successfully is surprisingly simple,” said Madeline Daniels, spokesperson for America Saves. “People with a plan to save are twice as likely to save successfully. Whether you are saving for a rainy day, your retirement, education, or another goal, America Saves Week is the perfect opportunity to set your savings goal, make a plan, and learn how to save the most effective way—automatically.”


2019 was a mixed year, both celebration and sorrow, with the passing of our Chair, Laurie Mitchell. We recognized her life and many contributions to our organization at a dinner on December 13, which was also the 20th Anniversary of the founding of California Jump$tart, (which we also celebrated). Among our guests were Dara Dugay, the founder of the Jump$tart Coalition nationally, Stan Breitbard, the founder of the California Jump$tart Coalition, many ex-Board members, and past partners.

We’ve made great progress in our 20 years as a coalition. But, we have more to do for California’s youth. As a non-profit, all volunteer organization, we need volunteers, especially from the education field and business community, to help teach teachers about money.


Thank you for supporting our financial literacy mission throughout 2019. We are looking forward to making 2020 a #FINLIT year!


The holidays are a great time to pause and reflect on the past, and make plans for the future. And what better gift can you give yourself than getting your own financial house in order? What a joy not to worry about money and to go into 2020 stress-free!

In the spirit of the holidays please consider making a contribution to California Jump$tart in support of our mission, “to improve the quality of life in California by teaching young people how to succeed with money, including organization, earning, spending, saving, investing and credit.” After all, today is #GivingTuesday :)


As we enter November, a time for reflection and gratitude, California Jump$tart also has much to remember and be thankful for.

October was wonderfully productive with efforts to advance financial literacy. We partnered with the Orange County Office of Education in two days of teacher personal finance education. Our partner, CCEE, held their national conference in Los Angeles, bringing together educators and advocates to learn and discuss innovative and effective ways to incorporate personal finance in K-12 classrooms. Another partner, Next Gen Personal Finance, launched new educational tools for teachers. Project Groundswell continues to grow, involving parents and community advocates in an effort to expand personal finance education to all schools.

By Rebecca I. Gallagher - Board of Directors, California Jump$tart Coalition

CA Jump$tart’s most recent offering of our Financial Foundations for Educators (FFE) training was an invitation from the Los Angeles County Office of Education, to bring the program back to teachers in LACOE’s service area, after our first FFE in 2018.

This June, the offering was well received by the group of about 50 teachers (new and veteran) who attended the two-day workshop. Read on to enjoy the enthusiastic comments made by attendees on our FFE segments.

By Andrea Ferrero,

Financial Literacy Day was celebrated on June 26th on Capitol Hill. Students, educators, finance education leaders, and policy makers came together to discuss the future of financial education. Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) kicked off the event sharing that “Financial literacy is important for today, tomorrow, and all our futures.” The energy of that message resonated through the afternoon as everyone explored the tremendous potential of finance education to spark change and transform lives.

As a board member of the California Jump$tart and the Executive Director of Pockets Change, I was drawn to the sense of collaboration. From students sharing the impact of finance education in their lives to organizations discussing how we can all advocate for greater access and application of resources, everyone shared that financial literacy impacts much more than our wallets. We change lives when we work together to build financial literacy and financial resilience.

Celebrating JumpStart Coalition Capitol

Celebrating Jump$tart Coalition’s impact across the country! Laura Levine CEO and President of National Jump$tart, Bill Cheeks Jump$tart Eastern States Regional Director, President ABBA Associates Inc., Executive Director of Coalition to improve Credit Education, and Andrea Ferrero California Jump$tart board member and Executive Director of Pockets Change