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This Month's Newsletter is Holiday Shopping

Gift-giving season can add up, but planning and budgeting can help you with holiday shopping — this month’s principle.

Rebecca Ivanovich Gallagher 20212022 has been a year of review and reflection for our Coalition.  The year, if viewed through a personal finance lens, has been a time of adjustment to economic forces. We are all, in some way, affected by current conditions in our economy. But challenges can bring unexpected opportunities.

In a November 2022 address to California business leaders in Orange County, San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank president, Dr. Mary Daly, considered the challenge of inflation; “High inflation feels unfamiliar to many of us. Before the pandemic, the United States had enjoyed almost four decades of low and stable prices, with inflation fluctuating only modestly between expansions and downturns.” In her address, she goes on to explain the multiple forces that moved our economy to this point, while expressing the Fed’s challenge but its resolve to “navigate back to price stability.”

This Month's Newsletter Focus is Investing

A key money lesson for children is about investing. The earlier you invest, the more time you have for your money to grow. By understanding investing we can hope to help individuals save for retirement, large purchases, or help secure short- and long-term financial goals. In the last few years, we’ve seen big growth in stock and real estate investments. In the last few months we’re seeing major growth in inflation, for the first time in a while. Both are important reasons to build a long term investment plan. And teach our youth these ideas.

This Month's Newsletter Focus is Understanding Credit

With this month's topic of "Understanding Credit" we address using credit wisely. Credit can be a flexible and convenient way to purchase goods over time. However, if not used responsibly, you incur fees and negative consequences.

Jumptart StateCoalitionLeaders

On September 1st the National Jump$tart Coalition brought together state coalition leaders and financial education partner organizations in Washington D.C. to reflect and share the practices making a difference in our classrooms and communities.

This Month's Newsletter Focus is Insurance Awareness

Insurance plays an important role in sound financial planning and is an important part of financial education.

  • Peace of Mind - Insurance can minimize or eliminate financial stress to help you live peacefully.
  • Financial Security - Insurance is a safety net to safeguard against unexpected events.
  • Encourage Saving - Insurance can help reduce long-term expenses.

This Month's Newsletter Focus is Back-to-School Shopping!

It’s time to buy new clothes, classroom supplies, and maybe a laptop now that it is time to return to school! However, before you start spending money, take some time to create a budget and implement shopping strategies.

This Month's Newsletter Focus is Financial Independence!

In celebration of Independence Day, we’re highlighting financial independence – with an emphasis on money management. Being financially independent allows you to use the money you have today to live the life you want, and it all begins with how you earn each dollar.

This Month's Newsletter Focus is Financial Services

In June, we address the principle of Financial Services. For example, how to choose between a bank and a credit union, how they are regulated, and more.

As stated last month, AB 2215 passed through every Committee and Floor of the Assembly and was full-steam-ahead moving into the Senate. This is a great sign that California is seriously considering providing personal financial education for our students. However, we had to accept substantial amendments that moved the bill away from our original vision of creating a permanent, sustaining private-public partnership to act as a steward over Financial Literacy curricula/program and a resource to schools/teachers.