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Uncertainty is Certain for This New Education Year, But it’s Also an Opportunity to Teach About Money

So many children have missed out on education this year, and are now showing problems with math, history, economics, and science topics. We encourage you to use money related lessons to help them reconnect with their classes and their life. Check out our website, and our partners, for teaching opportunities to help you.

Question: Why are you passionate about financial literacy?

I think it's extremely important for young people to have an understanding of their personal finances BEFORE they start making mistakes. I love how enthusiastic teens are when given the chance to experience adulthood in a fun, interactive way - watching their expressions as they learn how hard "adulting" can be is priceless.

Message from the Board

Ahhh, summertime. Maybe the past year has made us appreciate the sunshine, backyard barbecues, and flip flop weather a little more. While schools are on hiatus, it’s a great time to have money conversations with kids. This month we’re talking about credit cards. It’s important that kids learn how to handle credit responsibly before they start using it, since unwitting credit mistakes can quickly become a burden. Be sure to read this month’s highlighted articles for all the tips.

Message from the Board

n order to have a successful organization, a nonprofit needs board members who are engaged, inspired, and understand how to help. California Jump$tart is fortunate to have exactly just that in their all-volunteer Board of Directors! In an effort to showcase these talented individuals that help drive our mission we've asked them the following question, "Why are you passionate about financial literacy?". Going forward we'll begin highlighting board members in future newsletters!

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Launched 2/22/21 (first day of spring semester) | Report for California Jump$tart Board Meeting 3/10/21

Why the MMMC?

Research has shown that students with perceived financial burdens are significantly more likely to reduce their course load and/or drop out of college. Our goal is to help students stay in college and move towards their career goals. We are doing this by providing resources to help students manage their money and also connect them to additional Mt. SAC support resources.

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3-7, 2021

The 2020 & 2021 school years have been extremely difficult for our educators.

April is National Financial Literacy Month!

In 2004, the U.S.Congress designated April as National Financial Literacy Month. Our joint goal this April is to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy education, especially now with the economic uncertainties following Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects throughout 2021. Yesterday, the White House released the following Proclamation on National Financial Capability Month. Most of our partners are promoting events and efforts this month (some below); we hope you participate and share.

Reminder - April is National Financial Literacy Month!

Here in sunny California we haven’t had to endure the harsh winter storms that battered the rest of the country recently, and maybe that can explain the fresh approach to youth financial literacy happening in our state too. Our partners are getting creative and rolling out fun, innovative ways to engage young people just in time for spring. Whether it’s a Hip Hop Finance Festival or tax-time resources for younger kids, you’ll want to follow along!


"Barely over half of Americans are considered financially literate, yet it continues to be underwhelming in our school curriculums. I'm a high school student who’ll soon face the challenges of personal finances, and in this complex time, personal finance education is an issue of importance for the current generation. That’s why I’m providing this youth perspective as the Youth Advisor to the Board of California Jump$tart.